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10 Apps Making Bookkeeping NOT Boring

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My favorite APPS to make bookkeeping NOT BORING and less stressful. Baby-Step along with me and stop stressing about it.

**Bookkeeping Service Agreement is NOT required to take advantage of any discount you might be able to obtain. Discounts available.

  1. HubDoc receipt capturing and synchronization with QuickBooks Online. Stop saving envelopes of receipts and capture them. Connect most applications and banks to retrieve information for you and streamline your process. Make simple notes on any receipt, bill or notice, capture it using the app or use a custom email and forward your email notice. Stop saving envelopes and shoe boxes of receipts, save time and eliminate the guessing game.

  1. QuickBooks Online (estimates, invoices, purchase orders, bills, and more) + Full Service Payroll
    (I’m a ProAdvisor – get lifetime savings off Essentials, Plus & Payroll subscriptions, don’t fall for the 90-day offer via the website)

  1. TSheets time tracking and direct connect to QuickBooks Online. ProAdvisor Savings options available.

  1. LastPass password saving and sharing (without literally sharing passwords. $24/year or $48/year for a family plan. Sync to all of your devices. Save Today!

Point of Sale that supports growth and works with your accounting software.

    1. Shopify provides great simple start options that you can utilize while getting started, but you don’t have a lot of funds to support hiring help. Always talk to a professional to help you get things started and eliminate any clean-up you might create. Also discuss the expanded options you can achieve and prepare for as you grow. Shopify has a website base for online sales, vendor sales, wholesale as well as retail. Need an expert to talk to about the functions? I can help connect you with business owners and developers.

6. Shopify accepts many payment formats as well as integrates with HubDoc and QuickBooks Online. Start with one to keep your fees down, upgrade later to expand your automation AND customize your reports for intentional budgeting.

Sales Tax Collection and Payment

  1. TaxJar connects with many point of sale applications and accounting applications to help you keep everything going and eliminate the stresses and worries of getting your sales tax paid. TaxJar automatically notifies you and files your sales taxes when it’s needed and gives you back the time and eliminates the hassle for you. Using Shopify and interested in TaxJar? How about other applications?

CRM + Contract Management + SO MUCH MORE!

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Bill Payment Solutions


      10. MileIQ Incredibly simple for most phone users, download the app to your phone, turn it on and let it track your miles for you. Swipe Left for Personal, Swipe Right for Business. Do you have multiple business purposes? There’s an option for that too! Need help? I’ve been using MileIQ since 2012!