Up Close and Personal with Amanda Davis of dlux Solutions!

12/28/2018 12:18 AMUncategorized
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*Originally featured on ModernMuseConsulting.com

Yesterday, we shared with you what’s next for Amanda and her company, dlux Solutions. Today, we want to wrap up the week sharing with you what Amanda enjoys doing outside of work.

When she’s not creating new nerdy challenges for herself, Amanda likes to spend time outdoors with her partner, Brandon, and his nine-year-old daughter, “the most incredibly sarcastic child I’ve ever known.” When they are able to get away from domestic duties, they like to spend time fishing on the river or hunting. “I don’t shoot, but I like the walk-alongs and enjoying the sport with others.” Amanda does like to bow hunt, though she hasn’t been able to do much of that yet this year since she’s finishing up her degree.

Amanda also enjoys visiting her family in Nebraska, and is looking forward to spending a whole ten days together this December.

If you’re interested in calling on her services, don’t be surprised for a meeting in the local park or in her own backyard with her goats, chickens and ducks.

Wouldn’t you like to meet Amanda? We don’t blame you. Click here to connect with her!