What’s Up Next for Amanda Davis and dlux Solutions?

12/28/2018 12:15 AMUncategorized
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*Originally featured on ModernMuseConsulting.com

Yesterday, we shared with you what makes Amanda Davis of dlux Solutions unique in the marketplace. Today, we’re going to let you know what she’s planning to do next!

With her website currently undergoing a makeover, Amanda is working on ways to improve client communication through streamlining her automation processes. “If I have to spend more time on the entry side of the business, then I’m not spending time creating personalized services for my customers.” She’s not rushing the rollout for these features, though, in order to make sure that they’re implemented correctly and thoroughly for her clients. Things like payroll services are too detailed to execute halfway, and Amanda is intentionally taking the time to ensure that these new on-demand features are totally streamlined before opening them up to her customers.

She’s also developing a collaborative service with Stephanie Majeran, tax consultant and spreadsheet extraordinaire behind WellRun Results, LLC. “Using both of our services in tandem allows for a fluid conversation between the two sides, and reports are understood across the board.” The upcoming tax season will allow the two to compare notes on what their collective clientele is looking for, as well as identify some common problems so they can work on finding solutions. The pair have an event coming up on December 11th at Gravitate in Valley Junction, where they will explain the benefits of their services more in depth.

Last but not least, Amanda is preparing to graduate with her associate’s degree in accounting next month! She is looking forward to being able to bring new insight and experience to her business, as well as spending more time with her family.

Wouldn’t you like to meet Amanda? We don’t blame you. Click here to connect with her!